Our Production Process

gambar stamping

This stamping facilities processes from sheet–metal Forming to produces desired form of the metal parts.



gambar bending

This is facility for produces a shape, U-Shape in parts requested by design.



gambar welding

This Welding robot is highly versatile at welding in complicated fixtures and
always gain highly precission results.



gambar painting

Applying paint in material’s surface to protect metal material from rust and colourize the products.



gambar Assembly Adjuster

Assembly Adjuster
Assembly adjuster track assy for seat cushion.



gambar Urethane

Forming seat pad from urethane.



gambar cutting

From computerized digital pattern to cutting machine create a perfect seat cover within Synthetic leather material or fabric material.



gambar sewing

Sewing trim, head rest & seat covers with fabric or Leather materials.



gambar injection

Injection molding is producing parts from thermoplastic or metals, precision –machined to form the features of desired part.



gambar seat assembly

Seat Assembly
Seat production line has many different type of seat products to assembled.



gambar door trim assembly

Door Trim Assembly
Parts assembly into a door trim product.



gambar Package Tray 2

Package Tray
Finishing package tray product.



gambar Trimming Floor Carpet

Trimming Floor Carpet
Robotic trimming carpet finish from forming process.